Dear Bishnu and Dho Kho,
Tashi Delek!

We indeed had a wonderful time in Tibet. It was my most amazing journey ever!! I would like to thank your partnership for helping make the trip a very meaningful one.

The quality of services you provided exceeded my expectation. Our guide, Nima, was excellent. He was what I was hoping the kind of guide we would get – someone who has a great knowledge, pride and passion for Tibet. And he indeed gave me a deep understanding of Tibetan faith, people and culture. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide.

Our drivers – Norbu and Tapge – were not only extremely skillful on the road, they were so funny, too! They provided us with so much laughter which help lightened up our dispositions at the end of the day after a long, tiring drive. We missed them after they left us at the camp.

We found the camping gears excellent. Our tents withstood the strong winds and rain during the stormy nights. Our cook provided us with sumptuous meals. It was the best camp food I can remember.

And Dho Kho was always available on the phone to assist us on any of our minute needs.

Tibet is a very special place and will always have an endearing place in my heart. I can only hope and pray that it can maintain its magic and wonder for a very long time to come.

Again, thank you so much for helping make this trip a truly memorable one.

Marisol Pelaez and Nadine
San Francisco, USA.
July 06, 2006

Dear Bishnu,

Since you were in India when I left Kathmandu, I just wanted to email to thank-you for organising such a successful trip for me. I had the most unbelievable time !! I was also very impressed with the calibre of staff that you have working for you….they were all so helpful and friendly. I will definitely be returning to Nepal so will be in touch in the future.

Many thanks for all your help and great organization,

Kind regards,
Sasha Wakefield
November 13, 2006

When in summer 2006 the situation in Nepal was improving I e-mailed Nature Trail about my plans and we worked out a program that was based on my wishes. We had very frequent contact by e-mail and all my mails were answered immediately and very correct.

The intercontinental flight and the first two nights in Nepal were booked at a Dutch company and from day three Nature Trail took care of all the arrangements.

The first day after my arrival in Nepal I went to Bishnu’s office with my Nepali sister Rati, to talk over the program once again. We were introduced to the trekking guide, Ramesh Paneru, and signed the contract.

Payment was made by traveller cheques, on my wish that same day.
The trekking I choose was the Muktinath teahouse trek, from Jomsom to Muktinath, including a walk to Marpha and Tukuche and stay in Marpha .
We were flying to Pokhara where we met our guide Ramesh again who arrived by bus and planned to fly to Jomsom next morning.

Because of bad weather the flights to Jomsom were all cancelled and so we discussed an alternative with Ramesh and the Nature Trail office in Kathmandu.

There were two options, one is, drive by public bus or private taxi to Nayapul and start trekking, and fly back Jomsom – Pokhara at the end, or wait one more day and take another chance to fly Jomsom. We decided for flying next morning and the guide immediately booked new flight tickets and changed the Pokhara hotel booking.

Next morning we took the flight to Jomsom and started the trek with a walk to Marpha to visit the monastery and bring some presents and letters of a Dutch friend for one of the monks in Marpha. To our big surprise we were invited by Dutch friends of the Nepal-Netherlands friendship association (Ver. Nederland-Nepal) to stay some extra days in Marpha to take part of the celebrations round the Lama Dance Festival.

Again we discussed the possibilities with our guide and he suggested a wonderful schedule in which we still could do all the highlights of the trekking and also take part in the Marpha celebrations. So we made the trekking with a wonderful caring guide (and porter), he even was helping in the lodges with serving breakfast and dinner and provided us with boiled water while on trek to avoid the plastic water bottles and reduce the garbage/recycling problem of plastic bottles.

He also showed us the best places to find shaligrams and informed us about the temples, monasteries, mountains etc. on the trek. The rest of the holiday I had my own program but Bishnu and his staff were there to give any kind of support that was necessary, like car bookings, sightseeing suggestions, etc. They reconfirmed my flight to Amsterdam and arranged the transfer to the airport.

So resuming I can only say that I had a wonderful organised trip with excellent arrangements and services.
Nature Trail Trekking will surely arrange my next trip in Nepal again!

Connie de Vos

The Netherlands
December 04, 2006


Well, this year trip was to Nepal and Bhutan and it was absolutely the most memorable one we have made. My brother Alex, his longtime best friend MattMarten, MattHall and I made the trek over. Al headed over 2 weeks before us, so he was a local already when we got there – literally waving to all of the merchants, passing hellos to the begging women, etc. It was unreal.

Seven years ago Alex was looking for a guide on the internet to take him trekking in Nepal and he emailed about 5 companies. All responded with decent offers, but one response stood out from the rest. Having a really good feeling’ about Nature Trail Trekking (NTT) and its owner, Bishnu Subedi, he went with them. When he got out there, he was treated like royalty, led on a beautiful trek and spent time with NTT and their wonderful guides in Kathmandu. Since then, Al has referred about 20 other people to NTT and all have returned with glowing reviews – including MattM, who was there a few years ago with Bishnu. Not only was the trek amazing, but Al really bonded with Bishnu. Since the trip, Bishnu has turned into a true member of the Johnson family. He has been to visit the US and been to our homes twice. Alex has driven him all over the west. He was even on Alex’s couch on 9/11, pain-stricken over the anger in the world. Alas, now it was our turn to visit my Nepalese brother, Beesh, in his country. He showed us an incredible time and Kathmandu is an incredible place. The sights, sounds and smells are chaotic. But the people, the temples and the soul is inspiring.

MattM, MattH and I flew into Kathmandu (after stopping in Seattle, Tokyo and Bangkok), explored the city and caught up with Beesh. The next day, he put us on a short flight to the Kingdom of Bhutan. Its own country, bordered by China and India, it measures itself not on Gross National Product, but on Gross National Happiness. And you can really tell. They severely limit their tourism by requiring guides and charging steep daily rates just 4000 tourists went to Bhutan last year. Bishnu hooked us up with an incredible Bhutanese guide who led us around Bhutan for 5 days. Dorji was just amazing and we shared many laughs. Bhutan was one of the highlights of the trip. GO NOW, if you can. We only covered a small part of the country and we are all itching to go back and trek there. And Dorji is fast becoming a dear friend as well.

On the flight back to Kathmandu (what Alex now instinctively referred to as home), the pilot pointed out Mt. Everest which (as you’ll see from the photos) was quite a site. It was majestic, inspiring and so strange to be flying in a jet at the same height as a mountain normally you are looking down on them! The next day we flew to Pokhara in the Annapurnas, about an eight hour drive/25 minute flight northwest from Kathmandu. We set off on our trek with 2 wonderful NTT sherpas (Tenzing and Norris) to carry our stuff and a brilliant NTT guide named Nirku to lead us through the Himalayas. We trekked for 5 days, covered 75 miles and the event was beyond my wildest dreams. We stayed at glowing teahouses along the way, laughed and told stories, taught the sherpas to play cards and dice, and made some incredible memories.

Back to Pokhara and then a drive with Bishnu down to Chitwan National Park, in the south of Nepal. We went on an elephant safari, rode on an ox cart and loved spending time with Bishnu. Not exactly what we expected and anxious to get back to Kathmandu, we caught an early flight back and had three days in Kathmandu before flying home. We saw World Heritage sites, spun ancient Buddhist prayer wheels, soaked in the Hindu culture and made Kathmandu our home.

It was truly an unforgettable trip…life-changing, actually. We all plan to regroup out there again in maybe 2008 and trek to Everest Base Camp and head to Tibet. Beesh will get out to the US in the coming years and we are working to help Dorji get a Visa to come out to visit as well. Help yourself to the attached photos – a blend of Al and my pics from the trip. You might want to let it load the 220+ images before you start looking. Yup, just 220+ of the 1600 we took! We have lots of wonderful video too.

If you or anyone you know are even *thinking* about going to Nepal, Bhutan or that magical corner of the world, please contact any one of us or our brother Bishnu at Nature Trail Trekking. He is the salt of the earth and cares dearly about his clients and his country.
Nature Trail Trekking: /. Or
Bishnu Subedi:


Hugs and hope you are all well!
Robin (Matt, Matt and Alex too!)

PO Box 5642
Dillon, CO 80435
December 02, 2006

Namaste Bishnu

Just to say thanks for the high level of service you gave us during our recent trip to Kathmandu/Bardia. It was really impressive.

We will surely remember which company to use – both when we go again ourselves, and when our friends go.

Ib Bukit Tunku – Denmark
November 22, 2006

“A very professionally organized trip with personal service. Well planned route, not crowded!” “I felt totally safe with these guides. Well done! Could not ask for a better experience! I will always remember this trip with Nature Trails”……!

“All staff were wonderful – very friendly & great fun. Combined with wonderful views & great walking, it’s hard to imagine a better trek. Real value for money combined with great satisfaction! I can’t wait to return in October for the Langtang trek with Nature Trail”……!

” Thanks for such a wonder full trip”. You had great teamwork, Keep all staff as happy as they are…. they were all so friendly and efficient people, really helpful always with great humor & ‘spirit’……!

“Bishnu, In one word, “indescribable”! That is how I would sum up my trip to Nepal. From the moment I got off the airplane I felt at home. Everything was well organized and the only regret I have is that I did not get to stay longer. Every person I came in contact with that was affiliated with Nature Trail Trekking was nothing less than a professional. Whether it was my unforgettable guide, Arjun, or my rickshaw driver on the initial trip to the hotel, everyone greeted me with a smile and was more than willing to answer any question I had. You have done a fabulous job of hiring your staff, keep up the high standards!

Upon returning home, I was asked, “Do you think you will ever go back to Nepal?” I replied, “It took wild horses to drag me away, what do you think!”

Very respectfully submitted,

Shannon Michael Shea
1stLt USMC Bristol, CT”
December 22, 2000.

What we all expect or want from a travel agent is efficiency, flexibility, local knowledge and moreover a pleasant person with whom to deal. What we often do get can be far from that, and we pay for the privilege.

Returning to Nepal recently after a gap of 38 years, to join my daughter who was finishing off her round the world trip post University, I was delighted to find one travel agent based in Kathmandu who has all these attributes, and far more.

Bishnu Subedi, Managing Director of Nature Trail, runs a business which, as he advertises, caters for Travels & Tours, Trekking & Expeditions. The two of us saved much valuable holiday by giving over all our arrangements to him and it was well worth it from every angle.

Not only was he charming to deal with, any slight deviation from the original plans, due to illness, was dealt with without appearing to be irksome. Every part of our trip was covered; from buses to and from towns, even to being met by car and driver to deliver us to our hotels. On trekking some of the Annapurna circuit, we were provided with a delightful young guide, Kamal, who looked after us with great equanimity.

I can honestly say that it was a joy not only to have met Bishnu Subedi, but to have dealt with him on a business level. As a business person myself, I value efficiency delivered with charm, and would recommend anyone visiting Nepal to use Nature Trail.

Deborah Barham Smith