Meditation and yoga has been practiced for thousand of years, and it is as relevant today as it ever was. Not only in this part of the world these spiritual practices that has gained quite a recognition in the western world. From being a mysterious practice followed only by a few devoted ones to something that holds many in awe, Yoga has come a long way into spreading its benefits and being a part of our society. You would find lesser number of people convinced with the average gym work-out or the tiring aerobics routine. Instead, they are fascinated and excited by the thought of exercising their bodies in coordination with deep early morning breaths, discovering as to what interesting positions our bodies are capable of transforming into.

Nepal is one of the best places for the Yoga/Meditation program for those people who want to be efficient and strong from the mind in their professional field, life-style, daily activities, by balancing in their hand / heart and head (mind). Yoga does not only make our bodies slim, flexible and healthy, but also gives attention to the well-being of our mental faculties, which is extremely important in the fast-paced and stressed- out lives that most people lead today. A lot of travelers come to Nepal for meditation, yoga, astrology, retreats and to merge with the mighty Himalayas. The fascinating part of Yoga lies in its details of having ‘aasanas’ or postures for every part of the body. Activities are mainly centered around Kathmandu Valley, though Pokhara is becoming popular with more options becoming available. When you come to Nepal you can find lots of advertising for courses, study and activities on the following topics.

Yoga and Meditation Tour

In today’s world, each and every person is in a rush. Some are
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12 Days