One of the more interesting and good way of getting around in the cities is by rickshaw. Rickshaw rides are safe and environmentally friendly way for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. For trips that are too far to walk but, too near to drive so, book rickshaw with us and enjoy unforgettable experience in a street legal, human-powered vehicle. In the old city in Kathmandu you may see many examples of rickshaws pulled by bicycle. Traditionally, rickshaw drivers hire their rickshaw which means that they may try hard to get a ‘good’ deal from you to offset their hire costs. You may also find in this respect that prices for rickshaw journeys vary considerably.

Rickshaws give their passengers a street-level view of the places around the cities. Rickshaw is that portion of the tour which allows you to get a taste of life in the city as your driver pedals through the old, narrow streets.

In our opinion the best way to see the main market and the daily life style of Nepalese people is from the back of a bicycle rickshaw winding through the labyrinthine lanes of Ason and Indra Chowk. The pleasure associated with the rickshaw ride here is ultimate. In about two to three hour our knowledgeable tour guides will show you some of the most notable places in Kathmandu city. Make sure you have your cameras ready! The ride starts from the busy tourist area Thamel.

Rickshaw Tour

One of the more interesting and good way of getting around in the
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Rickshaw Tour