Gary Lehman
United States

Everest Base Camp Trekking in Nepal

My friends Dave and Parag and I did a trek to Everest Base Camp in early June. we started in Lukla on june 3 and completed the trek to base camp on june 11th. we received excellent support from Bishnu who planned and organized the trip for us , and our guide and the porters, who were committed to our safety and success and for our meaningful journey in every respect. all requests from us were honored and every opportunity was taken to make this a terrific memory for us all. Our guide Chabbi always explained the natural wonders along the way, looked out for us like a hawk on potentially dangerous sections of the trail, explained the history and culture and way of life in the Nepali highland areas, and helped us meet Nepali people along the way to brighten and intensify our positive experience. chabbi knew (before I even did) when I was going to stumble and he was always there to help me. he also at times carried my pack for potentially treacherous downhill sections. he also always knew the little shortcuts and also was a respected leader for the porters. ask your doctor, but I recommend taking Diamox because it is sustained high altitude ! Gary Lehman, USA.

Email: longbow@optonline.net | Travel Year: June 3, 2018

Amy Winter

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

I arrived to Nepal to meet my friend Jude G (review below) with little idea about Nepal, Annapurna trekking and what it would be like. Firstly, Bishnu the office manager met with us on a Saturday afternoon, outside of his work hours to talk us through some options. He arranged us to visit a monastery as well as to the Annapurna trail to suit our needs (both timing and distances). Bishnu planned our trek for us with very little organisation required from us which was perfect. Our guide Phura was to me, so much more than a guide. As a Sherpa he takes his duty very consuentciously. Not only does he share knowledge and insights, he helped me with the descent down, and was a helpful singing buddy passing those hours trekking. We had a lot more fun on this trek than expected. The lodges in the villages were more comfortable than imagined. Our guide really was exceptional, even reaching out to help others who didn’t have guides and were underprepared for the journey.

How lucky we were! I would just really question why any trekker wouldn’t get a guide to share in local traditions (like Rhaksi local wine) or Tibetan tea, which were only able to be arranged through his social and language skills. We were able to relax mentally to give our energy to the task of a trek as well as the lovely evening hours socialising with the Sherpas and other trekkers. I didn’t expect to be so well supported on a personal level and the guide support really meant so much that I couldn’t imagine trekking again without his company. Nepal is meant to be the most re-visited country on earth, and with all my interactions with this company and the relationships they build, I can easily see long lasting connections and future returns to Nepal!


Email: winterami@gmail.com | Travel Year: 2018

Toni Seemann

Royal Annapurna Skyline Trekking

We signed up for the 5 days skytrek as this itinerary matched our days of travel well. The handling of the booking was done professionally by Bishnu at the office in Thamel in Kathmandu. Throughout, Bishnu was very personal and helped us customize our trip , for example pre ordering a surprise cake for our partner whose birthday we were celebrating. Minute details of the whole package were clearly discussed by Bishnu so we knew what we signed up for. On the day of the trek, our guide and porter showed up on time and greeted us warmly. We drove out of town to Bijayapur, our trek entry point . We enjoyed a fairly easy hike of about 3 hours until we reached Kalikasthan, a remotely located village on the hilltop. The backdrop was just breathtaking. Thankfully a clear sky enabled us to take in the view on Begans lake surrounded by the untouched nepale scenery. This trek was designed to take your breath away , literally speaking ! We got off the beaten track and immersed into the untouched Nepalese nature. Overall we were ectasic about having booked our precious birthday holidays with allnepal! The friendliness & professionalism of staff made it all worthwhile.

Email: dfds@sdf.com | Travel Year: October 2, 2017

Good service and experience to us during the entire trip

Nature Trail provided a good service and experience to us during the entire trip (not just the trekking part). When we arrived in Kathmandu (we take different flight, the arrival time for us is different but they could still manage it), a friendly, English speaking city guide who was waiting outside the airport, lead us to the nice hotel and explain the information for the trekking. We plan to complete the trekking within 7 days, but due to luggage issue, we needed to spend extra day in the city. Although our schedule is tight, we suggested to walk more on the first few days and the trekking guide in Pokhara told us that he could manage it. Then we started our trek! The package we bought includes all meal and hotels (lodges) in the mountain and the porter and guide were welling to help us during the trek. Finally we completed the trek within 6 days (Better to spend more time as 6 days is tough) ! The view at the Annapurna base camp is astonishing and it is worth seeing it. Overall, the experience and service is excellent.

Joshua Simons
London, England

Royal Annapurna Skyline Trekking

Hi Bishnu,
First of all, Sivan and I would like to say a tremendous thank you for all of the support in making our visit to Nepal a tremendous success. We had an absolutely amazing time, our guides and your staff were all first rate; and the hotels and logistics all went incredibly smoothly. We were only sorry that we could not arrange to spend some time with you and visit the Children’s Centre, I guess it will have to wait for our next visit (which we both said must happen as soon as possible!)

The day after our trek, I met a lady called Katherine who told me she’s interested in doing a similar kind of trek, so I offered to put the two of you in touch (cc’d).

Thank you very much,

Email: joshua-london@yahoo.com | Phone: 854 598 2524 | Travel Year: December 29, 2016

Lowell Starr

Nepal Experience Tour

Hello Bishnu…Namaste!

It’s been a few days since I got back from the Himalayas….what a great trip!! And I want to thank you again for all the planning and the successful hike. Druba and Buddha were great companions, always attending well to my needs and a very friendly and comfortable to be with. Please thank them for me again, everyone was so nice from day one of my Kathmandu tour. I couldn’t ask for a better agency. I wish we had met but I understand how busy it can get for you and glad to hear from Dependra that everyone I met there were back doing their guiding (and trekking)…good to be working. Please say hello to them for me. I will not hesitate to recommend Nature, Trails and Travels…Thanks again!!
Take care and I wish you only the best!!
Best regards,
Lowell Starr

Sharm and Christine

Tamang Heritage Trekking

Dear Bishnu,
Finally a quiet moment for me to write you a thank-you note.

Thank you for the impeccable organization of the Tamang Heritage Trail trek. Christine and I immensely enjoyed our trek, our homestays, the beautiful mountains and their beautiful welcoming people.

At times it was tough (our legs can attest to that!). But we were blessed with great company. Our guide and porters played various roles – they were also our crutches, our nurses, cooks (letting us taste sometimes really typical cuisine), our trailblazers and last but not least, our buddies who spurred us on when we needed extra courage. Coming from a very flat country, believe me, many times a friendly word and encouragement, along with a helping hand, mean a lot.

Kudos to Narendra Adhikari, Namgyel Sherpa and Navaraj Adhikari. They function very well as a team.

So once again, thank you and Nature Trails, and to your team.

I look forward to visiting Nepal soon – unfortunately it will not be soon enough due to work – looks like 2015 now.

| Travel Year: May 24, 2014

Marvellous trekking in Nepal

Dear bhai Bishnu
Thanks again for the marvellous trekking you arranged again this time for me and this time also for my sister Wieneke and Joyce. Especially my sister, who was the first time in Nepal, did so much like your country, the nature, the people and so on. It is always a pleasure to give you my ideas and then you make me an offer which fits like a glove. Also many many thanks for our porters Ramesh and Surya and of course our guide Kamal. These three persons made it an unforgettable trip for us. Dherai dherai Dhanyabad.
Till next year.

Willy didi
May 8, 2014

Sue and Ivan

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking

Dear Bishnu,
It was our genuine pleasure to make comments about your excellent firm – we are genuinely full of praise for the services you offer. As promised we attach some photos taken of high points of our trip, most with Karma and / or Nima. Please feel free to use any that you wish and the text from the Trip Advisor comments … if you would like any further photos or comments please let us know.

When we have time to download and organise our photos we shall make some available online and let you have the links. Please let us know if/when you are coming to England – you would be very welcome to come and stay with us. You may also be interested to know that we have already started talking with our older son and his family about the possibility of going to Nepal with us in the future!

Our very best wishes
Sue and Ivan
April 27, 2014

| Travel Year: April 27, 2014

Trekking in beautiful country

Hi Bishnu,
I would like to thank you and your tour officer Depandra for all the arrangements in Kathmandu. We had a great time trekking in your beautiful country. Although at times we want to give up due to unexpected weather conditions and long hours trek, we still made it in the end thanks to Darupa, the warm hearted guide whose friendly demeanor made the trek more enjoyable. The porter Manji is also a great boy with polite and humble disposition. All in all we enjoyed our trek and their accompanies much and satisfied with your arrangement. Thank you once again and given chances we would come back to your country.

Best rgds,
Sandar and Myint Myint
February 19, 2014