Damodari Ganga springs along Shaligram Parvat which contains Shaligram (sanctifying sacred stones)
It is the holy part of Damodar Himal elevated to 22,000 feet high from sea level situated in Mustang district.
There are numerous sanctifying glacial lakes, both small and large, where Damodari Ganga takes her form, Damodarkunda being the largest one. As a confluence of lakes and ponds such as Brahmakunda, Rudrakunda and Anantakunda; Damodarkunda contains the largest volume of water. Damodarkunda, the estuary of Krishnagandaki river,   is one of the holiest pilgrimage sites for Hindus .Several colophons of religious scriptures describe the heavenly bliss of this Kunda ( sacred pond).So, it bears both religious and historical importance. A unique place to feel ecstasy of self and be transported to holy bliss, Damodarkunda is one of the holiest of terrestrial shrines, so reverently described in Puranas, the holy books of Hinduism.


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