Everest Base Camp Trekking
Trekking in Nepal

My friends Dave and Parag and I did a trek to Everest Base Camp in early June. we started in Lukla on june 3 and completed the trek to base camp on june 11th. we received excellent support from Bishnu who planned and organized the trip for us , and our guide and the porters, who were committed to our safety and success and for our meaningful journey in every respect. all requests from us were honored and every opportunity was taken to make this a terrific memory for us all.

Our guide Chabbi always explained the natural wonders along the way, looked out for us like a hawk on potentially dangerous sections of the trail, explained the history and culture and way of life in the Nepali highland areas, and helped us meet Nepali people along the way to brighten and intensify our positive experience. chabbi knew (before I even did) when I was going to stumble and he was always there to help me. he also at times carried my pack for potentially treacherous downhill sections. he also always knew the little shortcuts and also was a respected leader for the porters. ask your doctor, but I recommend taking Diamox because it is sustained high altitude !

Gary Lehman,


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