This is such a holy place where the son of Brahma, Pulai Rishi in Satya Yuga; Ravana and Rajarshi Bharat, the son of Hrishavdeva in Treta Yuga had a penance amidst green forests, gardens, fresh wind pure water and wild roots and fruits. There is huge Shaligram at this place.

It is believed that the spirits of the dead live in heaven for eternity if their descendents perform Shradda, death rite, at the place where the big sacred stone is situated. Even insects or lower species go to heaven if they die nearby or some miles away around the Shaligram.

Due to the Chakrankit Sheela, sacred stone stamped with holy wheel, the place is known as Chakra Tirtha. King Raghu received Bramhopadesh (gospels) from Jada Bharat at this holy place. There are Shivalinga, Temples, shrines, altars, public shelters (dharmashala) etc, at this place.

Galeshwor, described in religious scriptures as a holy place for the time immemorial, lies in Myagdi district, Dhaulagiri zone, the western region of the country.


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