Good service and experience to us during the entire trip

Nature Trail provided a good service and experience to us during the entire trip (not just the trekking part). When we arrived in Kathmandu (we take different flight, the arrival time for us is different but they could still manage it), a friendly, English speaking city guide who was waiting outside the airport, lead us to the nice hotel and explain the information for the trekking. We plan to complete the trekking within 7 days, but due to luggage issue, we needed to spend extra day in the city. Although our schedule is tight, we suggested to walk more on the first few days and the trekking guide in Pokhara told us that he could manage it. Then we started our trek!

The package we bought includes all meal and hotels (lodges) in the mountain and the porter and guide were welling to help us during the trek. Finally we completed the trek within 6 days (Better to spend more time as 6 days is tough) ! The view at the Annapurna base camp is astonishing and it is worth seeing it.

Overall, the experience and service is excellent.


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