Another famous temple among Hindus situated next to Pashupati Temple and surrounded by a wood called Shleshamantak Van (the forest of citrus fruits) is Satidevi, a beloved wife of Lord Shiva, fell apart while Lord Shiva maddened with grief over the death of the wife, kept walking wildly bearing her decaying body on his shoulder. It is one out of 51 Shaktipeethas of Satidevi. It is believed that Lord Indra, the king of the Heaven along with other gods had resided at ease at this place. Devout can find their inner wishes turn into reality.
Satidevi is described as the one with red complexion, eyes like red lotus petals, clad in red attire, and seated on red lotus. Guhya (Secret) symbolizes the inner pain and sorrowful conditions one is forced to endure in this life. She is also worshipped as a power, Shakti, which heals the hidden pain.


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