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My girlfriend and I had 3 weeks in Nepal and we worked with Bishnu at Nature Trail Trekking. We found him and his company to be OUTSTANDING.
We emailed about 5 guiding companies in Nepal for help, and they ranged from very expensive to dirt cheap, detailed to vague and very friendly to arrogant & pompous. We chose Nature Trail trekking because Nature Trails were very detailed and very friendly in all the emails.. It is difficult to have personality come through within emails, especially if the English is off a bit, but Bishnu’s willingness to help and kindness came through as obvious. As soon as I read his response to my email, it was set in our minds, we planned to work with Nature Trail Trekking.

We booked the Pokhara-Gorapani-Pokhara trek for 7 days. We had one porter and a guide (named: KP). KP was great, he secured all the best rooms for us upon our arrival to a teahouse and helped with the cleaner places to eat. He was also able to tell us about Nepalese folklore, the areas around us, and he knew a lot about the nature of Nepal…. great to hear about and learn.

Nature Trails also booked our arrangements into Tibet. They helped us tremendously with the odd rules and the Do’s and Don’ts.

The majority of the help that we received from Bishnu and Nature Trails wasn’t from what we actually booked and paid for with them, it was mostly their kindness, recommendations and generosity… which of course you cannot buy.

Have a wonderful trip!!
Best regards,

Alex Johnson
Business and Professional Group
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