Because I, Lord Vishnu, exist in the form of Shaligram (sacred stone), this place is ever peaceful, secret, pleasant and salvatory. Muktinath Kshetra is the place where all gods including Lord Brahma performed a special religious rite, Yagyan for the salvation of all living species on earth. So, this place called Mukti Kshetra, the place of salvation/spiritual salvatorium.
It is widely believed that sacredness of this place has been enhanced because of the presence of Trinity Gods: Vishnu as water, Shiva as fire and Brahma himself as a performer while performing the divine Yagyan.

All four species: Jarayuj (root breed), Swoidesh (self breed), Andaj (egg breed), and Udima (birth breed) who visit the place and worship gods get salvation after their death.
Besides Lord Vishnu, Brahma and me with other gods and sages shall be with you, says Lord Shiva while pronouncing the sacred value of the place. To have a holy dip at Krishnagandaki is equal to hundred holy dips at other pilgrimage sites in terms of the salvation. Mukti Kshetra includes many other holy areas. The different parts of this composite whole are compared to the organs of human body as followings:-
Charanaravinda ( Feet)  – Shree Gajendramoksha Divyadham Trivenidham,
Nawalparashi Ghunda ( Knee)              – Devaghatdham, Chitwan
Katti ( Waist)                  – Ruru kshetra, Palpa
Bakshasthal (Chest)       – Shaligram Chakrasheela Galeshwordham, Myagdi
Kantha (Neck)               – Pitreetirtha Kagavenidham, Mustang
Mukharvinda (Mouth)     – Shree Muktinathdham, Mustang
Shree/Sheekha (Head)  – Shree Damodharkunda, Mustang

The Holy stones are available all the way from Damodar Kunda to Gajendramoksha Divyadham. Among all Hindu Shrines of Nepal, Muktinath is situated at the highest altitude of 13,000 feet from sea level, in mid-hilly region of Mustang district, Dhaualagiri zone of western Nepal.


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