Nagthali – Part II
Tatopani Hot Spring

When one is on the Tamang Heritage Trail, Tamang villages are obviously the yolks of the journey. But to depart onto lesser known desolate lands is a luxury on its own – be it to face the solitude, or to find oneself nurtured in pristine nature, or just to explore the depths of our consciousness. Whatever the motive, service is rendered.

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From Tatopani, the trail ascends through a deep damp forest of old rhododendron trees. One is forgiven for getting lost in the dense forest with virtually non-existent trails. I find myself divided in various occasions, not being able to choose a path or sometimes, it is all onto me to sculpt one. Whichever path you choose, or wherever you may wander, all paths lead to a huge pointed rock at the hilltop visible throughout the forest. Brindang, a small settlement is based a little far below the rock.

It is early morning, and the sunlight penetrates and glows through the dews on leaves as if each dew holds a sun within itself. After a couple of hours of huffs and puffs on the climb, Brindang is a pleasurable pause for sun basking and sweat drying. This small settlement boasts a community of 6 houses, all cluttered one after another. As with traditional Tamang settlement, each house is only a room big and shelters 6-8 members in a family. After being in Gatlang for a couple of days, I am pushed back to seriously reconsider my definitions of space per capita.

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