Nepal Styles of Trekking

As the expression indicates, TEA HOUSE TREK is a synonymous to stop at trailside shady rickety places for a cup of tea or for a break after long walking in the olden days.

With the recent development of a huge number of trekkers in the mountains of Himalayas, the open air ’Tea Houses’ is converted into modern luxury lodges and hotels. In the most popular trekking areas, trekkers simply carry their personal clothings and stay in the lodges where one can order food from menu provided by lodges or National Park Committee. A guide helps choosing the right lodges for trekkers and arranges the billings after overnight stay in the lodge.

Since Nepal is the richest in terms of mountains in our planet earth, all the criss-cross trails in mountains are trodden down by either human being or cattle or mystical creature (Yeti) found in the myth.

Note: sometimes, a tea house offers many standard food but chances are very rare since most of the tea houses offers simple basic meals. Although many hotels in the hills are reasonably comfortable, in some cases, the places may be dirty, often smoky. Home Chimneys are rare, so room on the 2nd floor of houses can turn into an intolerable smoke houses as soon as someone lights the cooking fire in the kitchen below.

Nature Trail, an eco-friendly trekking company, always chooses and recommends along the trailside eco-lodges whoever uses kerosene (gas) oil or solar energy to generate heats for cooking and warming the dining hall or also other purposes.

The benefit of Tea-House trek is that by arranging our food accommodation locally, we can move at our own pace and set our own schedule and most importantly experience the real life style of the rural people. Camping trek is the type of trek where all the trekking gears such as tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, toilet tents, kitchen tens, kitchen utensils, and so on…. will be provided by us along with a certain numbers of supporting staff and guide based on the size of the group. A chief guide will be employed to handle the whole trekking program. However, while you are on a camping trek, you will have to stick to the program and schedule which is pre-arranged by the chief guide. All meals will be prepared on the way using the fresh vegetables available in the surrounding area. Some tinned food will also be served.

Nature Trail, an eco – friendly trekking company, is proud to be a pioneer in environmentally and culturally sensitive adventure travel in South Asia. We set the standard, for example, by replacing wood-burning cook fires with fuel-burning stoves not only where regulated, but on all our treks. We are actively involved in environmental concerns such as garbage collection and disposal and co-founded and eco-trekking programs which trains other trekking companies’ staff in eco-tourism. Our company is known for taking care of our porters and for offering all of our staffs excellent compensation, benefits, and incentives. Usually our day on a camping trek starts with a cup of bed tea around 6:30 am, and follow by washing basin filled with warm water to freshen up for another exciting day. While you are enjoying with a light breakfast: bread, jam, boiled egg, tea or coffee depending on your choice, our supporting staff pack up the tents and equipments and move ahead to find another suitable place to prepare lunch. Under the sunshine around 12:00 to 1:00 lunch will be served amidst mountain fresh air. After lunch, the last of the day’s trek is done which usually takes 1and half to 2hrs of walk. Our supporting staff will put up the tents and will start preparing dinner; around 7:00 pm dinner will be served and the day ends creeping into sleeping bag. Under the right environment, trekking crews will entertain you by singing dancing and telling stories or playing cards etc. At evening, occasionally culture show can be arranged on request together with local people and trekking crews. People who loves nature and wood-walking but can’t make do without modern amenities for a night stay, can enjoy the day’s walk and get back to the hotel at night. Several hill-locks and mounds surrounded the Kathmandu valley and Pokhara which make perfect for a day’s hike. Be close with nature by listening to waterfalls, birds chirping and twittering, trees whistling while letting go the whispering wind and the sun penetrating through intermingled branches of sub-tropical to bless you with pleasant day.

For one who desires to spend overnight in the tented camp or in your own caravan motors, to feel the uniqueness of the night, you have comfortable bed to sleep under the indigenous work of thatched roof, bone fire to warm up and to eat a delicious food prepared by professional cook.


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