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Bird Watching Tour

Birdwatching in Koshi Tappu and Chitwan National park, provide a chance to study of the live birds in their natural habited and Chitwan National Park and Koshi tappu wildlife can be really rewarding for bird lovers. The unique tweets and cheeps from the birds is very much impressive to hear. More than 850 species of the birds are recorded in Nepal, both of these national parks are known as the paradise for the bird lovers which gives the high chances to spot varieties of birds. Koshi tappu is famous for many exotic birds and endangered birds that migrate during winter season every year. Dense forest and wetland area are the best location to see the birds. 1st month of the spring season will be the best time to spot and to listen mesmerizing song from them in the early morning. Along with the varieties of birds, you get the chance to locate the different kind of wild animals like One Horn Rhino, wild boar, Monkeys, varieties of deer, swamp deer, spotted deer.


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu. Overnignt in the hotel in Kathmandu.
Day 02: fly to Biratnagar and drive to the Koshi camp.
Day 03: Bird watching Activities.
Day 04: Bird watching Activities.
Day 05: Birdwatching in Koshi barrage.
Day 06: Drive to Chitwan National Park (7-8 hours). Overnight in the hotel in Chitwan.
Day 07: Bird watching Activities.
Day 08: Bird watching Activities.
Day 09: Birdwatching Activities.
Day 10: Flight back to Kathmandu and overnight in the hotel in Kathmandu.
Day 11: Final Departure.

Chitwan National Park
Nepal birding tour
Nepal Bird Watching Tour

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