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The Naimona’nyi Peak in Tibet is also known as the Mountain of Goddess or the Fairy Peak in Tibetan. Religious believers call the Manasarovar Lake between the two mountains as the Holy Lake. It is said that the water in the lake is the sweet dew given by the Buddhist ancestor Sakyamuni to the human beings. The Raksas Tal Lake beside the Manasarovar Lake is called as the Ghost Lake, the paradise for people’s souls after their death. For several centuries, the region of the two mountains and the two lakes are reputed as the Devine Mountain and Holy Lake by the pious religious believers.

The Naimona’nyi Peak covers an area of about 200 square kilometers, mainly including 6 ridges. There are about several dozens of hilltops with elevation of more the 6,000 meters on the ridgelines. The western mountain ridges are distributed from north to south in the form of a fan. The only mountain ridge in the eastern part is eroded into the shape of knife-edge; its precipices with difference of 2,000 meters in height are very cliffy, and five large glaciers full of ice cracks and steep cliffs on the surface are within the canyon.

01Arrival Kathmandu & Transfer to hotel

02Kathmandu, preparing Expedition

03Drive to Zhangmu 2350m. O/N Hotel

04Drive to Nyalam 3750m. O/N hotel

05Nyalam rest day

06Drive Lake Paiko Tso. Overnight in camp.

07Drive Paigutso to Saga (4640m.)

08Drive Saga to Paryang (4540m.)

09Drive Paryang – Darchen

10Trek to Kailash to Dhiraphuk Gompa. Camping For acclimatiation

11Trek over Drolma Pass to Zutulphuk. Camping

12Zutulphuk – Darchen

13Drive to Naimonanyi Base Camp.

14-32Climbing period of Naimonanyi 7725m.

33Base camp to – Darchen

Climbing Mt. Gurla Mandata (Expedition- Tibet) - manasarovar lake

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