Nagarkot is located 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu at an elevation of 2195m, is one of the most scenic spots in Bhaktapur district.
Bandipur is a hilltop settlement in Tanahu District, Gandaki Zone of Nepal. Because of its preserved, old time cultural atmosphere, Bandipur has increasingly

Visiting Rara Lake is the value added to your life A Lake with magnificent beauty; the Rara Lake reminds visitors the meaning of

Hiking is the most wonderful experience one can have in the middle of nature. Hiking around Kathmandu valley can be one of the

Red Panda of Nepal Red Panda is one of the most beautiful and wonderful creatures. This species of Panda is found in the

Trekking in the off-season is not so famous in Nepal. One of the major reason to avoid trekking in the off-season is the

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek is the best trekking journey to the iconic highest peak of the world and is a once in

If you are planning a trip to Nepal in September and looking out for places to visit in Nepal, then we have come

Nepal is a country of diversity in every aspect. It has got beautiful landscapes, beautiful and amazing cultures, multiple ethnic and religious groups,

If you are wondering where to go trekking in Nepal, here is our list of top ten trekking trails in Nepal. The list

Nepal is a small country which is landlocked between two giant countries India and China. Nepal is small in size but this country

Nepal is a beautiful country which has a rich culture and amazing history. It is a landlocked country which lies between the giant

If you are an adventure lover, a change of scenario can bring a new excitement and joy in your life. If you are

Being a small country, Nepal has 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites. We all know it very well. But how many of you know

Being home to more than 100 ethnic groups, there is always some festivals being celebrated in Nepal. Though it was Hindu kingdom in

Annapurna base camp is the most famous and favored trekking routes in Nepal. It is famous because this trekking route has many cool

The day that my friends from home came to visit had finally arrived. I picked them up from the airport and we were

I really love Nepal. I’ve been in country since June 2012, excluding a one month visit to the States in June 2013. I’m

Hello fellow Nepal lovers and those who still want to become Nepal enthusiasts. And welcome to another blog entry brought to you by

The terrain becomes vacant of life forms except trees and shrubs, and the trail gloating immersion into curves. The walking effort needed to