The above lines say that Goddess Malika Temple is located at the side of Briddaganga, in front of Karnali River at the height of 4210 m. in Bajura district of Seti zone. On the left of the temple lies devatata and to the south is a mountain called Poor. It is believed that those born in the previous life the devotion of goddess, devi go to visit the temple.
Even the human beings who have committed the crimes like killing of Brahmanas, (Brhamhatya), drinking liquor (surapana) etc, can also be purged of sins if they visit the temple .The knowledge, which can not be possible through the knowledge of Sankhyayoga; the first explanation of earth ,can be achieved through this pilgrimage. This goddess is more famous than in other temples.

To the south of the Briddaganga lies Khaptad Mountain (Achham) which is extended in the area of 56 x 22 miles. In the middle of the area are 5 images of Lord Shiva, carved by a famous craftsman in Hindu mythology, Vishwokarma. In located a sacred stone of Lord Shiva Shankara Sheela, surrounded by thousand personified columns, lingas, to be worshipped by gods and gandarvas (heavenly singers).Thus, Sahashreshwor Mahadeva is enshrined in the middle. Sahashreshwor is worshipped by gods in Khechar/ Khaptad area as widely as Bishweshwor in Kashi, Varanashi. Criminals and lepers also get deliverance from sins if they visit this place and worship gods.

The value of this place has been further enhanced due to a great sage enlightened with knowledge of medicines, philosophy and religion, Khaptad Swami who stayed there for a long time until his death.