Siddha Nath Baba

The temple of Siddha Nath Baba is located at the central part of Mahendranagar city of far- western region of the country. It is believed that desires get fulfilled when one pays homage to Siddha Nath Baba after worshipping Goddess Purnagiri at Tanakpur, a nearly Indian border city. The Purnagiri temple is a famous pilgrimage site in North India. The tradition of offering bell to the Siddha Nath Baba temple after one’s wish is fulfilled is maintained to this day. Religious gathering takes place at this temple especially during the festivals like Navaratri. Holi Purnima, Teej, Panchami and Gaura etc. Devotees from India also come to pay homage to Siddha Nath Baba.

Just like in India, the four Dhams of Nepal denoted as Kshetras form a complete pilgrimage. Besides the above mentioned major pilgrimage sites, there are numerous other holy places which bear mythical and cultural significance. Among many places, Kathmandu alone harbors hundreds of temples and gombas. Therefore, it is rightly called the city of temples. In addition, innumerable images and symbols of gods and goddesses from antique times have enriched our religious treasury.

The temples and images are important both for religious and aesthetic purposes because they have beautiful decorations, designs, carvings and symmetry in addition to their strong religious significance.