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Nepal Trekking Grades

TREKKING SEASON & GRADES SECTION The chart shown below shows the grading of the treks in the different areas in Nepal as well as the best seasons to conduct them. For many of our treks, you can choose between camping or staying in Mountain lodges. which are locally-run guest houses, but standards vary enormously. In the popular areas, such as Annapurna, lodges are more like hotels, with hot water, Western food, and private rooms, in more remote areas, they are
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Nepal Styles of Trekking

As the expression indicates, TEA HOUSE TREK is a synonymous to stop at trailside shady rickety places for a cup of tea or for a break after long walking in the olden days. With the recent development of a huge number of trekkers in the mountains of Himalayas, the open air ’Tea Houses’ is converted into modern luxury lodges and hotels. In the most popular trekking areas, trekkers simply carry their personal clothings and stay in the lodges where one
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Trekking Chart

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Nepal Altitude Sickness

When trekking in the Himalaya there is always a real danger of mild to serious problems related to altitude. The complaints are collectively known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). It is important that trekkers understand that they will be affected to a greater or lesser extent when they ascend to altitudes over about 3000 meters. As you climb higher the atmospheric pressure falls and the amount of available oxygen also falls. The body will adjust to cope with this by
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Visa Informations

A Nepal visa is available at Nepalese Embassies and Nepalese Consulates abroad or upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu after presenting a valid passport, 2 copies of passport size photos and payment of the visa fee. Tourists can extend their visas at the Department of Immigration, Maitighar. For your information people of these countries do not get visa upon arrival at the immigration entry points of Nepal:- 1. Nigeria                          2. Ghana                         3. Zimbabwe                         4. Swaziland 5. Cameroon                    6. Somalia                      7.
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Nepal Travel Information

In this section, all information that is presented will help you when traveling to or through Nepal. Information can be found on visa procedures, accessibility, the best season to visit, altitude sickness, everything you need to know when on a trekking and much more. Please use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to navigate through this section of the website to get all the travel information you need to know. Air Accessibility and International Airlines Tribhuvan International Airport is the
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Festivals in Nepal begin with religion, ending as social event. There are more than 50 major festivals in a year celebrated by Nepalese. Although most of these festivals are religious some have historical significance, while others are seasonal and legendary celebrations. The dates of most festivals are fixed by famous astrologers after consulting the lunar calendar. The biggest and most popular festivals are: Dashain, a celebration of Goddess Durga victory over evil Mahisashur; and Tihar, a celebration of lights dedicated
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About Nepal

Nepal is one of the richest country in the world, in the terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and altitude variation. The elevation of the country ranges from 60m above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8848 m, all within a distance of 150 km resulting into climatic conditions from Sub-tropical to Arctic. Location Situated between Tibetan Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China in the north and India in the
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