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Gadhi Mai

The temple of Gadhi Mai, located in Bara district of central terai region, is visited by millions of Hindus. It is a temple where the largest numbers   of animal sacrifices are offered. A month –long fair is held in the month of Mangsir (November / December) once in every five years to   worship the goddess. During this fair the devotees first take a holy dip in the sacred pond and offer homage to the goddess with animal sacrifices. The sacrifices
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Siddha Nath Baba

The temple of Siddha Nath Baba is located at the central part of Mahendranagar city of far- western region of the country. It is believed that desires get fulfilled when one pays homage to Siddha Nath Baba after worshipping Goddess Purnagiri at Tanakpur, a nearly Indian border city. The Purnagiri temple is a famous pilgrimage site in North India. The tradition of offering bell to the Siddha Nath Baba temple after one’s wish is fulfilled is maintained to this day.
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One, who reads and listed the myth of the emergence of Goddess Saileshwor, gets rid of crimes and gets blessings. Devout can be endowed son, property, Knowledge and salvation. Such an important place in Doti district. Read more


The above lines say that Goddess Malika Temple is located at the side of Briddaganga, in front of Karnali River at the height of 4210 m. in Bajura district of Seti zone. On the left of the temple lies devatata and to the south is a mountain called Poor. It is believed that those born in the previous life the devotion of goddess, devi go to visit the temple. Even the human beings who have committed the crimes like killing
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Goddess at Pathibhara is believed to fulfill the long – cherished dreams of her devotees, like son for sonless and wealth for poor. Devotees make pilgrimage to Pathibhara where their wishes come true. Buddhists living in the vicinity light lamps at the temple on the full moon nights. There are several ponds in the area of Pathibhara of Taplejung district, far eastern region of Nepal where pilgrims take holy dips and observe traditional fairs. In this region, pilgrims can also
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Haleshi Mahadeva

Halesi Mahadev caves located in the western part of Khotang district of eastern Nepal are believed to have been dug by Lord Shiva to hide himself from demon, Bhasmasur who had acquired the power to set anyone on fire. Haleshi Mahadevastha is also known as Pashupatinath of the east. This cave temple has a Shiva linga that pilgrim worship. Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims from different parts of Nepal and India visit Haleshi during Maha Shivaratri, Rama Nawami and other special
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Situated in Dharan, Bijayapur of Sunsari district, Budhasubba is worshipped by Limbus as khewasamang deva and by others as Lord Shiva. Long ago, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati under the guise of Khewasang and Yuwasamang, Kiranti King and Queen in the process of hunting arrived at Vijaypur where they stuck their bows and sat in a penance. During then, they realized the approach of Kaliyuga and immediately disappeared. That event is called Budhasubba in Kiranti language. From the bows sprouted
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During the time of churning of the sea by gods and demons, there surfaced foam out of which was Shiva Linga made and set up amidst holy rites and Prana Pratistha at Rudraksyaranya, Bijayapur. It was called Pindeshwor because the linga was made out of sea nectar. Lord Shiva who was sitting invisibly at a Holy Tree, Rudraksha, came to the visibility in the form of the linga for the welfare of the world. This holy place is situated in
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Baraha kshetra

Lord Vishnu, by taking the incarnation of a boar (Baraha) protected the earth from being submerged into Patal (underworld) with his long tusk. Then the Lord sat with his wife Laxmi at the bank of Koshi River and the lap of Himalayas and hills. So, the place bore its name after that event. There is a big and beautiful image of the Baraha incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that all wishes are fulfilled during life and one gets
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Dolakha Bhimsen

The temple of Dolakha Bhimsen in Dolakha district of eastern Nepal is a very important site for all Hindus. It is commonly believed that this temple was already in existence in the 7th century. There is a strong belief that people will be blessed with children if they pay a visit and worship Bhimeshwor, the idol of this temple. The devotees will also be blessed with a prosperous life and be saved from evil. The occasional perspiration of the stone
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Jaleshwor Mahadeva

Jaleshwor literally means God of water because of the Shiva Linga situated under the surface of the water. Located in Mahottari district of central terai region of the country, it is said that about 250 years ago, a hermit named Jagadesh had visited this place and had meditated. He then made a prophecy that the soil of this place would crack and Shiva Linga would emerge. Because of this belief, even today, the ritual of offering food to the hermit
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The temple of Bajrayogini is situated at Sankhu to the north-east of the Kathmandu City on the top of Manichud hill mentioned also in the holy book of Buddhism. The Guna monastery is also situated in the lap of this hill. So, both Hindus and Buddhists visit the place with equal reverence. Large numbers of pilgrims visit this place especially on public holidays and during the nine days of Dashain festival (Navaratri) Read more


Situated in Nepalgunj, Banke district of mid-western region of Nepal, the temple of goddess Vageshwori is famous as the goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Goddess Vageshwori is one of the sites of power, Shaktipeetha. Like Guhyashwori, this place is recognized as the site where Satidevi’s tongue had fallen apart as her decaying body was being carried by her husband, Lord Shiva. There is an image of the goddess Bhagavati on her ride, tiger. The premise of the temple is enriched
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The Dakshinkali temple is situated at the south west of Kathmandu City. Goddess Kali, one of the nine goddesses is believed to fulfill the wishes of the pilgrims. Animals are sacrificed in large number especially during Dashain, the biggest festival in Nepal. Devotees through at this place every day during the nine days (Navaratri) of Dashain Festival. Normally people visit the temple every Saturday and Tuesday.  As the site is peaceful and is surrounded by rhododendron forests, it offers unique
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Gajendramoksha Divyadham

According to Shreemadhagavata and Barah Purana, once upon a time there was a war between an elephant king (Gajaral) and a crocodile (Graha) that lasted for hundreds of years. Lord Vishnu heard the prayers from the elephant and descended on Garuda to rescue him. As he arrived at the place, one leg of the elephant was already in the mouth of the crocodile. The god safely rescued the elephant from the menacing jaws of the crocodile. This place is situated
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Staggering with extremely burning throat having drunk the venomous poison- which came out while churning the sea- Lord Shiva was wandering with parching mouth in the quest of water. As he reached Gosaikunda, he pierced the trident into the earth where burst out a spring out a spring of water. His burning throat was cooled with the water and the place was thus called Gosaikunda and the flowing water came to be named as Trisuli, Trishulganga (holy river flowing out
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Located at eastern part of Kathmandu on the way to Sundarijal, Gokarna holds a distinct religious status because it is the place where Lord Brahma worshipped Lord Shiva by setting up a deer’s horn as a Shivalinga. The deer was no other than Shiva himself in disguise. So it is also called Brahmashrama. Its sacredness has been further enhanced due to another specialty: confluence of Chandrabhaga and Bagmati river and is popularly known as North Ganga. It is more celebrated
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Another famous temple among Hindus situated next to Pashupati Temple and surrounded by a wood called Shleshamantak Van (the forest of citrus fruits) is Satidevi, a beloved wife of Lord Shiva, fell apart while Lord Shiva maddened with grief over the death of the wife, kept walking wildly bearing her decaying body on his shoulder. It is one out of 51 Shaktipeethas of Satidevi. It is believed that Lord Indra, the king of the Heaven along with other gods had
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Vindhyavasini temple is situated on a hillock in the heart of Pokhara city in the western part of the country.  People worship Vindhyavasini as the mother goddess who fulfills the wishes of her devotees. There are other shrines, temples and monasteries in the area. The serenity of Phewa Lake and the magnificence of Machhapuchre hold the visitors spellbound. Read more


This temple was set up by Siddababa, Chandannath a priest from Nath clan and so it was named after him. Here is no image of god but the prominent presence of Lord Vishnu, Dattatreya is symbolically represented by wooden slipper (kharau). God Dattatrya is believed to give happiness and salvation. Such a huge famous temple with a great religious faith among Hindus and Buddhists is situated in Jumla district, Karnali zone of mid-western region of Nepal. All priests of this
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