Tibet Travel Information

Important Pre-Departure Information
Nature Trail Travels and Tours, Trekking and Expeditions can process your visa. We require the following details to enable us to process your visa.

– Name in full
– Sex
– Date of birth
– Profession
– Nationality
– Passport Number
– Passport issue and Expiry date
– Full address

The cost of the visa fee varies for different nationalities as follows:

Tibet Visa Fee effective from 01.April.09

Nationality Normal (5 working day) Urgent (3 working day) Top Urgent (same day)
For US Nationality US$ 142 US$ 164 US$ 198
For Other Nationality US$ 58 US$ 80 US$ 114
For Nepalese Rs. 2750 Rs. 4450 Rs. 5350

NOTE: We must receive scan copy of passport at least 15 prior to the departure time.
The Embassy of China is open every Monday to Friday and visa, application are accept only on every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 09 Am -11 am every week.

Kathmandu to Lhasa by air

The flight Schedules of Air China:
Air China Fare:

Kathmandu – Lhasa US$ 273 US$ 106 US$ 379
Lhasa – Kathmandu US$ 273 US$ 96 US$ 369
Kathmandu – Lhasa – Kathmandu US$ 520 US$ 202 US$ 722

NOTE: Above flight schedules are subject to change without prior notice by Airline.

Types of Aircraft

Used on regular schedule flight:
Airbus 319
Seat capacity: 120

Used on special request and guarantee of pax. 
Boeing 755
Seat capacity: 196

The cost of the visa fee varies for different nationalities, normally $33.
A Normal visa is processed in 5 full working days and when a visa is needed within the same day, an extra charge of $33 applies. The Embassy of China is open every Monday to Friday and for the visa, application are accept only every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10 Am -11 am every week. Please note that we will need your passport or passport photocopy at least seven clear working days prior to your departure to Tibet.


Full travel insurance coverage, particularly for health, trip cancellation/interruption is strongly recommended.

Casual wear and comfortable walking shoes are the rule for Tibet. Be sure to bring warm clothing as nights and early mornings can be quite chilly to extremely cold in the winter months. Bring with you all your own films, medicine, cosmetics, personal toiletry items, as these are very difficult to obtain in Tibet. A small first aid kit is also a good idea, although our representatives also carry basic medical supplies.
Your clothing and equipment depend on season or the place (area or heights) you visit in your tour/trek. Once your tour and itinerary is finalized, we will send you a complete check list!


China time is 2 hours and 15 minutes ahead of Nepal time in winter and 3 hours and 15 minutes in the summer.


The unit of currency for foreigners is the Yuan. US$ 1= +/- 8 Yuan. Money can be exchanged at the bank of China at Zhangmu, Xigatse and Lhasa. If the banks are closed, your guide will advance you cash.

Altitude sickness

As Lhasa lies at over 12000 feet, you are likely to experience some of the minor symptoms and discomfort of altitude (headache, mild nausea, loss of appetite) until your body adjusts to the elevation. This can take from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the individual. Take it easy, but drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids. Proper hydration is critical to acclimatization. >

Temperature, Rainfall and Sunshine in the Lhasa Area

Month Temperature (oC) Rainfall (mm) Sunshine (hours)
January + 9 to – 13 0.2 251
February + 10 to – 12 0.5 226
March + 13 to – 5 2.0 241
April + 16 to + 1 5.0 244
May + 20 to + 5 25.0 284
June + 25 to + 9 77.0 227
July + 26 to + 10 129.0 224
August + 27 to + 9 138.0 221
September + 21 to + 8 56.0 238
October + 17 to + 1 8.0 285
November + 12 to – 7 2.0 271
December + 8 to – 13 0.5 2

Kathmandu to Lhasa by road

The journey from Kathmandu should be viewed as an adventure, not just a sightseeing tour. The road itself was poorly constructed and is prone to closure by landslides. It can be dusty and some kind of facemask is recommended. You will reach altitudes of over 5000m on occasions .The choice of hotels en route is limited. Hotels outside of Lhasa and Shyagtse are basic, most have showers, flush toilets and some now have attached facilities, they are likely to have a small shop, a restaurant and laundry facilities. Food is not readily available en route until the stopover hotels are reached. We recommend you carry a packed lunch from the hotels if you are traveling on one the budget Tours run through our agents. For people who travel with Nature Trail Trekking, food is normally included in the price. We suggest you bring a canteen or water bottle with purification tablets or water filter pump and refill your bottles at every opportunity. Meals en route (until Lhasa) in hotels tend to be greasy and you may want to bring snacks with you. Some tinned food, biscuits, chocolates, cheese, drinking chocolate/coffee, soup cubes, instant noodles, vegetables, nuts and raisins, chewing gum are all worth considering

Kathmandu to Lhasa by air

Coming soon…

There will be a cancellation charge of 20% up to 15 days prior to departure, 50% up to 7 days prior to departure, and no refund thereafter. No refunds for no-shows or delayed arrivals whatever reason.

Risk and Liability

Nature Trail Trekking Pvt. Ltd. will make every effort to make sure your journey is a smooth and pleasant one. However, all programs in Tibet are conducted strictly under the rules and regulations of the Tibet Tourism Bureau. Therefore, Nature Trail Trekking or its Tibetan counterpart cannot be responsible for any change or alteration in the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances not known at the time of departure. We will also not be responsible for any extra cost incurred to our clients should an unforeseen event arise. It is most advisable all clients have full insurance against medical and personal accidents and cancellation insurance is also highly recommended.


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