It’s the mission of Nature Trail to provide quality and responsible tourism. As we are responsible travel and tour agency, we always keep in mind that we should protect and preserved natural beauty and cultural heritage of our country.

We organize all our packages in such a way that we can save our resources for further generation. We guide and help customer how to trek gently, and minimize impact on the environmental and local culture. We inform every client that does not buy products that exploit wildlife which cause habitat destruction and come from endangered species.

We have been trying everything in our power to support local business and service providers to ensure that as much as revenues possibly stay within, and that benefits local community. We look for lodging that emphasizes local tradition and conserves natural resources, water electricity e.t.c.

We respect local culture and nature. We train our guides in responsible ethics and suggest them to reduce waste and dispose of waste appropriately. We build environmental and cultural awareness through education, activities and pre departure information.

Yearly we invest certain percentage of profit for above purpose and further more social work in the different approach of Nepal. We provide direct financial contributions for conservation effort.

As mentioned above detail, choosing Nature Trail is already supporting local environment and culture of Nepal, read here more about Nature Trail!

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