A Journey into the Himalayas – Come live the experience
Langtang Region Trekking in Nepal

It is neither my quirky dreams, nor my religion. But there are few things in life you know you can’t go without. You wake up with a thrust for love, lust, and morsels; and yet, you know there is something else that completes you. For me, it is the mighty mountains – the Great Himalayas.

Telling stories across all-too-busy ears through photographs and events is never an easy task. Because the actual experience is far removed from the atmosphere where the story is told. As such, the story told easily becomes a third party interpretation. The intensity of the adventure is more often either diluted or spiced up to feed the need of the audience one is faced with.

The harshness of the environments encountered in the journeys allows little comfort to exercise creativity in developing stories as one experience in real. One has to depend on flailing memories to account episodes and sensations during the journeys. This is my modest attempt to share such escapades and events as they unfold in the field, and entailing feelings from rather ordinary treks in the Himalayas. In this series of treks from Langtang, I do not promise to entertain you with fascinating stories from far away places. But to depict the beauty and gravity of the life that is shared by millions of people, wildlife and their environments.

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