Rara Lake: The Queen of The Lakes
Rara Lake

Visiting Rara Lake is the value added to your life

A Lake with magnificent beauty; the Rara Lake reminds visitors the meaning of life. It is also termed as the queen of the lakes. Rara Lake is situated at an altitude of 2990 m in remote northern part of western region of Nepal. Covering an area of 10.8 sq. km, this mirror Lake has become a gem of Rara National Park. The periphery is surrounded by green hills. The Rara Lake contains a hard water of high pH value and conductivity. As the summer remains cool and winter remains cold with frozen Lake so March-December is the best season to visit Rara Lake.

Exciting Features of Rara Lake

It’s a colourful Lake:

If asked to anyone visited to Rara Lake, where is the bluest water in the world then s/he definitely spells the Rara Lake. But the Lake exhibits 3 different colours in a day. The reason of it unknown. Also the background of the lake keeps on changing.

The Lake gives mirror effect:

The water of a Lake is crystal clear. While boating in a Lake as you look forward there are the hills and as you look downwards there are the same hills and your image as well. If you are staying there overnight in full moon night then who else is lucky than you.

Source of meaning of life:

Rara Lake Nepal

As you step to the high altitude the air sings and the birds dance. The coldness & purity of air makes you realize that you are breathing. You start to listen your inhalation and exhalation. When you tired and look deep into the Lake water the three endemic fish species playing there make you feel that the meaning of life is to rejoice so get up, stand up.

The biggest Lake of Nepal:

Rara Lake is the biggest Lake of Nepal surrounded by green hills. It is 10.8 sq. Km in area and 167 m deep. Mugu Karnali River receives the drained water from Rara Lake.

Pristine and less crowded:

The Lake is untouched and unaffected by human civilization. Some features like a hotel, boats, an airport etc. are only for the facilitation of your journey.

A perfect place for meditation:

The Himalayas of Nepal are the places where Saints devoted their whole life for transcendence. Such places contain spiritual energy so the Rara is. So Rara Lake is perfect place for meditation. The experience depends how you have tuned your body towards nature.

Hiking in nearby hills:

Green hills being around the Rara Lake, visitors can go to hike on those hills. Since the Lake has large area so hills are the perfect places to observe the whole Lake. Different kinds of floras and faunas can be observed on the hills during hiking.

Ways to reach Rara Lake

Rara Lake can be visited via flight, driving and trekking. Selecting the easiest way is the adventure missed. The choice is always yours.

Flight to Rara Lake:

Flight to Talcha airport from Surkhet airport or Nepalgunj airport is the easiest way to reach Rara Lake.

Driving to Rara Lake:

A jeep drive to Rara Lake from Surkhet, Nepalgunj or Jumla is the second easy option to reach Rara Lake. The Lake is about maximum of half an hour walking destination from last driving destination.

Trekking to Rara Lake:

Having proper time and situation trek to Rara Lake is the most rewarding smartest option. The route passes from Rara national park full of alpine coniferous vegetation. More than 214 bird species, 20 mammal species and 500 flower types can be observed there. The park is the home of wildlife like red panda, ghorals, musk deer, leopard, black deer etc. This Ramsar listed place is also loved by migratory birds. The trekking also allows visitors to know the culture, religion, rural life, language of Jumla district. Marsi Chamal in Jumla is the only paddy that is cultivated in the highest altitude of the world. Also the place is famous for organic apple production.

Accommodation on Rara Lake

In the nearby villages from Rara Lake the homestays are available. If you wish to live at Rara Lake then there is Red Panda Hotel. It’s always better to book the room beforehand. Alternatively they provide tents and other feasible ways also to serve the customers.


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